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Client Success Story

“I would highly recommend this course to people of any age. But the sooner the better I think. Even if you don’t think you have an issue like asthma, sleep apnea or snoring. Brian is a wonderful teacher. I was a mouth breather. I never knew about this until I saw a video on the Buteyko method last year. My nights sleep and breathing while exercising has improved dramatically since doing the course and putting the techniques into practice. I wake up refreshed every morning, no groggy brain fog, no unexplained tiredness that I though was normal to everyone. I never knew how much a difference it would make until I gave it a go. I think everyone needs to do this course. Thanks a million Brian, from Elaine.” 

Client’s Success Story

” I have suffered from sinusitis and allergic rhinitis most of my life. My respiratory problems were increasing, wheezing and breathlessness . Medication and inhalers were part of my daily life. I havent used my inhalers since the first week of my course. I continue to take Singulair at night but as I gain in confidence I hope to reduce and eventually discontinue its use. Other people have remarked on an improvement in my health. I can only say Thank You Brian and Buteyko it has changed my life for the better.” Carmel