Our Breathing Can Hold us Back


Waking up exhausted with a dry mouth, snoring, wheezing, breathlessness, not feeling like you can take a proper “deep” breath are all symptoms of poor breathing habits. Breathing is the vital act that we carry out every day so it makes sense to pay attention to HOW we breathe.

Asthma, snoring, Sleep Apnea and increased levels of Anxiety and Stress are all connected to how we breathe.

Many people get a coughing fit after exercising, wheeze,snore loudly each night and feel exhausted each morning.Many others deal with persistent coughs, anxious breathing patterns through the mouth and dread vigorous exercise because of the feeling of losing control of their breathing. Correcting our breathing patterns and training ourselves to always breathe through our noses can allow us to move away from poor breathing habits and establish calm, relaxed, quiet breathing during the day and when asleep at night. This is of vital importance to the health of adults and also children.
Studies have shown that on average 50 percent of Children breathe habitually through their mouths.Mouth breathing in children is connected to poor concentration in school, poor sleep and elevated anxiety levels.

It is possible to begin taking control of your breathing today. Pay attention to your breath and try to always breathe through your nose. If our nose is blocked often it is a sign that we have poor breathing habits. During the day try to bring attention to the breath, slow down and reduce the volume of your breath.
Remember that the nose is for breathing. It plays a vital role in filtering, moistening and warming the incoming air. Unless we are talking, eating or kissing our mouth should be closed at all times !

As a Buteyko Breathing practioner I help people improve their breathing pattern. I know how it feels to have coughing fits after exercise, snoring each night, and the stress of feeling like wheezing and breathlessness was holding me back in life. Thankfully I found a way of reversing these issues when I learned the Buteyko Breathing technique.

The Buteyko Breathing Technique offers a complete breathing programme with specific exercises to help address poor breathing habits and restore correct breathing. For more information call me on 087 7738616 or email me on brian@yourbreath.ie

A Client’s Experience

“We attended Brian’s Buteyko Course for kids in July 2017. Our daughter had a wheezing cough since February 2017, that steroids and antibiotics could not shake. It was impacting daily life and her sleep. Very exhausting and frustrating that she couldn’t stop coughing. Within 2 weeks of beginning the course, and with daily practice of the breathing techniques, the wheeze and cough had abated.It is such a relief that it is gone! Brian is great with the children, he keeps it interesting and helps to make the course fun. I highly recommend Brian as a Buteyko practitioner. His course for children is great! ” Colette

Your breath is within your control,
Best Wishes, Brian

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