Controlling your Asthma

Asthma is within your control

Asthma attacks, wheezing,nasal congestion, breathlessness and frequent coughing can make life a struggle.
This is the situation for thousands of people in Ireland every day. Inhalers bring temporary relief but the underlying problem is always there.
How you breathe affects everything in your life, many people find vigorous exercise stressful and suffer from poor sleep quality and low energy levels. They suffer from frequent coughing fits and are prone to chest infections and bronchitis. They never feel like they are getting enough air into their lungs. They feel like it is a struggle to breathe.Their breath, which is the most vital force that drives their existence becomes an enemy instead of a friend.

For anyone who has any of the symptoms of Asthma or poor breathing habits there is action that you can take right now.

First of all try to always breathe through the nose. Avoid mouth breathing during the day ( or night) whenever possible. It is so much better for your health if you become a person who breathes through your nose as a habit! This one change can have a huge affect on your well-being.
Secondly pay attention to your breathing. Is it noisy and noticeable? If so try to quieten your breath and breathe gently as often as possible during the day. If you are driving your car bring some attention to your breath and try to lessen the amount of air you are breathing and make it your breaths gentler and more quiet, pay attention to your breathing whenever you can and soften your breath.
Also begin an exercise regime where you breathe through your nose. Take a daily brisk walk with your mouth closed. Walk don’t talk! Gently jog with your mouth closed, over time you will be able to speed up.
Learning to take back control of your breathing can help you in so many ways. I learned this three years ago and felt such huge benefits that I trained as a Buteyko Breathing Practioner.
I am looking forward to helping people who have struggled with their breathing like I did find a natural way to breathe easily and take control of their health and well being.

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