Oxygen Advantage Coaching.

Hi all,

I’ve recently completed The Oxygen Advantage Trainer Course in Galway with Patirick McKeown. The Oxygen Advantage Programme is designed to help athletes and sports people breathe efficiently and correctly during training and exercise. The Oxygen Advantage Programme allows athletes to simulate high altitude training at sea level. The benefits of this method include greater endurance, stamina, and ability to tolerate high intensity exercise without overly stressing the body. The Oxygen Advantage Programme focuses on paying attention to how the athlete is breathing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This approach allows for much quicker recovery times after training as how we breathe during sleep greatly affects the body’s ability to heal and repair which is a vital element of any fitness regime. How we breathe during rest affects how we breathe during competition.

I look forward to working with sports people and athletes and helping them to:

  1. Gain control and mastery over their breathing even during competition.
  2. Increase their performance levels by practising practical and easy to understand breathing exercises.
  3. Reduce recovery time after training and allow for the possibility of high altitude training even when athletes are recovering from injury.

For more details on this training approach visit this website http://oxygenadvantage.com/

If you are a sports person or athlete and you feel that in training or competition you lose control of your breathing, feel under stress, or feel that your breathing habits are holding you back The Oxygen Advantage programme can help.

Your breath is within your control,

Brian  class-oxy-advox-ad-image

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As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic my Online Breathing Programme is the only available option right now.