Buteyko Breathing Technique

The Buteyko Breathing Technique in Practice

[intense_dropcap]I [/intense_dropcap]n the Buteyko Breathing Technique the primary focus is on reducing the breath to a point where there is a tolerable need for air on the part of the person carrying out the exercise. Many courses in mindfulness, yoga and various other relaxation classes focus on the breath and the importance of the breath. Not many of these classes or courses put the same emphasis on reducing the breath as the Buteyko Breathing Technique does.

Reducing one’s breathing can be an emotional endeavour. It takes mental focus and patience to achieve first of all a reduction in one’s breathing and then the ability to tolerate a slight need for air without feeling stressed. The science of why the feeling of a need for air is required is in simple terms similar to a thermostat operating the heating in a house. Thermostats are set to a particular setting. When the room temperature drops below this point the heating turns on in the room. In the case of our breathing we have a set point in our brains (in the medulla oblongata) that is sensitive to the level of carbon dioxide in our blood. When the carbon dioxide reaches a certain level our impulse to breathe is triggered. By practising to reduce our breathing we can re-set the set point in our brain to tolerate more carbon dioxide in our blood.

This is good news as the more carbon dioxide in our blood the more oxygen that is released from the red blood cells, the more our blood vessels dilate, plus many other vital benefits for health and well being. This breaks the cycle of a physiological feedback loop where we constantly over breathe. Over breathing activates the stress cycle of the body. The “fight or flight” response. By breaking this cycle we can take our bodies from a stressed state into a state of relaxation. Many thousands of people have benefited from the learning the Buteyko Breathing Technique. It can have far reaching positive affects on people’s health.

The Buteyko Breathing Technique can help young and old alike. It has helped people with asthma, fatigue, snoring, rhinitis, sleep apnoea, anxiety, ADHD, sports performance and many other areas.

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*I would also like to acknowledge Charlie Maguire of The Buteyko Centre in Coomhola, Bantry for first teaching me the Buteyko Breathing Technique and its far reaching benefits.*

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